Coppernoll Web Design was started out of my personal need to build a website for my church. I wanted to help our church gain visibility on the Internet because that had become the trend for people looking for goods and services. People no longer pick up a phone book, they turn to the Internet. I embarked on the process of teaching myself web programing.

Over the period of a year I read countless books on the process and worked building sample sites on my computer. I learned HTML and CSS programing languages. I ended up building a nice static site for our church that served well for some time but realized that the site could get stale if I did not constantly update it. Updating took a good amount of time because each page had to be re-programed. That lead me the the next step, which was learning content management. I spent about another year learning how to build and deploy a content management system (CMS) and successfully deployed our church's current web site, which is still in use today. It gave the ability of the the content continuously being updated by myself and others without the need to re-program all of the pages. The site stays current and fresh.

Since then I have built a few other website for businesses and given them the ability to have a web presence without spending a fortune. That is what moved me to start my own business of building web sites.

In my earlier years I worked as a sign painter being apprenticed by a skilled sign painter in the years before computerized vinyl signs. This helped me develop a graphical sense that I believe helps me in my web site design.

My goal is to help you build a quality, effective, and affordable website so that your company or organization can take full advantage of the benefits of a web presence.